Planning Your Shed

What do you need it for?

Housing your new car, a place for a pool table or just to lock up the kids. A new shed can be useful in so many ways. If you can decide what use the shed will have it helps to determine the size of the shed and what options you may require. Windows, sliding glass doors, insulation can all be built into a shed to make it more comfortable to be inside, especially during the hotter months.

Bigger is always better.

What ever shed you buy it will never be big enough. Just remember to future proof yourself a little bit and make sure that the shed you buy today will be big enough for the future. If you only need a double shed, what happens when Little Johnny gets his first car? So you have two options, make sure you buy a bigger shed now or make sure the shed you buy today can be expanded in the future. Our sheds are modular in construction and it’s very easy to extend our sheds.

Where to save money.

The labour component in any shed adds to the cost. Think about building the shed yourself. It’s a big Meccano set and only requires a few simple tools to put together. Make a weekend of it and invite some friends to help, many hands make light work, apparently.

Where not to save money.

The shed itself. Skimp here and you will regret it. Buy from a reputable shed seller who has a proven track record. Buy the strongest shed you can, ask questions about the shed you’re thinking of purchasing and make sure the kit you are purchasing has everything you need, including gutters and down-pipes as some re-sellers classify these as options. Ignore flashy TV ads and letterbox advertising, someone has to pay for all the printing and red convertible cars and believe it or not, it’s you! Make sure any shed re-seller you purchase from has a BSA (Building Services Authority) number and you are quoted a BSA fee on your quote. This fee guarantees that the shed will be completed to Australian Building standards.

Take care when ordering

No matter where you are buying your shed from always make sure your salesman writes all the details of your new shed on your contract. Shed size, concrete thickness, how many doors, how many windows and any special notes like extra council fees or door operators for your roller doors. Make sure any contract you sign is BSA (Building Services Authority) compliant.

Location , Location.

Make sure the shed you are purchasing will fit onto the site you have, a quick rule of thumb is that you need to be 1.5m off your side and rear boundary and 6m off your front boundary. Keep this in mind when deciding the location and size of your shed.

Soils aren’t soils.

Sometimes different locations have different types of soil, if you have recently built your home you might have had a soil test done. This will have a letter code designated to it, an “M” site is a decent site that will require no extra earthworks for the slab but a “P” site will require additional work for the slab to be able to cope with the poor soil.


"Chris Gratton Sheds were such a wonderful help in the planning of our shed. We are so happy with the outcome!"

Tara Darby, Thagoona
"Not only do we have a great shed, but we had a great time during the build! The staff were a pleasure to deal with and made sure all our requirements were met. Great job guys!"

Joe Smith, Laidley
"Once again, a great job! You guys are awesome! Will keep coming back"

John Stafford, Brisbane