Just some of the products we manufacture at Chris Gratton Sheds

  • Portal Framed Gable Sheds
  • Skillion Roof Sheds
  • Gable Carports
  • Skillion Carports
  • Patio Roofs
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Enclosed and Open Shed Awnings.
  • Under gable carports for sheds.

We build gable sheds from 4m x 24m across the gable, with lengths ranging from 3m to 300m (and bigger !)

We are the extension experts!!

Whatever size you get now, we can add to it in the future. Our sheds can be extended in length or have a carport added in almost any size to suit your growing needs. “We CAN build it”

So, What Do We Do?

We use a galvanized portal frame with “welded and bolted” column & truss joints to ensure the structural integrity of your shed. It’s neater, it’s stronger and it’s far less likely to suffer rust from water entrapment or electrolysis from contact with concrete. Our portal frames are also securely bolted to ruggedly designed, hot dip galvanized stirrups which are encased in the concrete slab.

This means that we don’t just pour a 100mm slab as some others do, we provide deep piers under the slab to support the stirrups, AND we also have an edge beam all around. That’s pretty comforting when there’s a strong wind howling and trees are being bowled over all around you.

Roof pitch included is standard at 15 degrees, not an “extra” at extra cost as with some others. The benefits of this are that the shed is cooler; and that naturally occurring condensation will run down to the sides rather than drip within the shed (all over your contents). Also helps break up those strong and damaging wind gusts.

All of our sheeting for walls and roof are .42 base metal thickness, (.47 total coated thickness) as supplied by THE big Australian BLUESCOPE STEEL. That strength minimizes hail and stone damage to your shed. It costs lots more than .35 “garden shed” steel does; however that’s what some other manufacturers will supply to make their sheds appear cheaper on paper. Our roofs are screwed down through the high rib rather than the flat pan (as some do to save money on long screws), but may well leak. Some suppliers do not even fit these screws with neoprene rubber washers to ensure against leaks (because once again they can save a few dollars).

We use only Steel-Line Roller Doors and G-James windows and sliding glass doors. These are known quality products, we wont fit anything else.

Our BIGGEST secret is…

We manufacture our sheds. We are not a re-seller!!!! Why is this important? We are not restricted on what a supplier wants to sell you, we are only restricted by your imagination, Together with our customer service team and our engineer, we can build almost anything!


"Chris Gratton Sheds were such a wonderful help in the planning of our shed. We are so happy with the outcome!"

Tara Darby, Thagoona
"Not only do we have a great shed, but we had a great time during the build! The staff were a pleasure to deal with and made sure all our requirements were met. Great job guys!"

Joe Smith, Laidley
"Once again, a great job! You guys are awesome! Will keep coming back"

John Stafford, Brisbane